oKtoBer Fest


Bangalore ,Oct 2007

So,you enter, you pick up ur beer, which I must add at 35 quid a draught ,was cheap!, then you head bang a little to some of rock’s favorite children which were being carefully replicated by someone who had done this sort of thing way more than once before…..and then…..then what!??!? Apart from having to repeat the same afore mentioned cycle…only this time in a fashion which set you on all fours and talking about your ex and why Deve Gowda is the karnataka’s most messed up father all at the same time….


I am talking about the Oktober fest ….at the palace grounds last week…..

Although the paragraph above might throw some very negative light on the whole event, I must declare that I had an amazing time guzzling down what i now think was atleast 3 ltrs of lukewarm beer and finding myself thoroughly confused between the guy on the base and the potly chap who used to take my material sciences classes…


Fest shmest!!!the whole guppy was a last minute excuse for all the 50 year old hen pecked , 80 kilo weighin, sambar gulping, tight t shirt wearing men to congregate and “let the drunken times roll”.


This whole review must leave you’ll very confused about the fest….thats the whole point!!!!!…as long as I found that the beer was in my body I seemed to enjoy the mockery that they seemed to have imported from Germany……the minute I let it tinkle on the makeshift toilet bowl(which was ingenious by the way), everything started to clear up….on the left there were the guys tryin very hard to disprove the fact that women DO NOT fall for men on fours(the pun isn’t intended), on my extreme right the 50 yr olds I mentioned earlier trying both the old rajkumar and the new govinda moves all at the same time, and ahead of me were the ones sharing my passion for observing the absurd….well…we bonded for a bit and then decided that the whole the shebang was a terrible excuse for Bangalore to let loose….no harm there now …..

Thus the weights have been added on both sides and the needle tips toward the good….

Rock on Mallya… love ya !