Light Blue waters, white sand , colourful fish and a large coral reef.
We stayed a Rita’s hotel. Not your top option and you should have no difficulty finding a place in Hikkaduwa. I do not rate Rita’s high , well because there was really nothing out of the usual about the place. But the place is affordable and clean.
While Hikkaduwa has a lot to offer,what one must do is, Snorkel. You would have to be retarded not to. It is as if you are on a highway and on your left and right you have ‘Finding Nemo’ and The Little mermaid’ playing on large screens. When I say fish, I don’t mean the drab things that lay prostrate on your plate. I mean colour. Just the wildest mixes of colour you have ever experienced. These fish almost seem trained to be show fish. They slow down so you can catch a glimpse , speed away just when you want some more.
You will find several places to rent your snorkelling gear. Go to “ The Reef’s End Water Sports “ for the best prices and a little chat on Lankan politics. The shop is run by an old couple , who will invariably ask you in for tea if you are the accommodating type.
Snorkelling can be a little difficult at first. But once you get used to breathing through your mouth and ignoring your nose, you are good to go. Once you have got the hang of it , hire a boat that will take into the ocean and wait on you. This should cost you around 1000 SLR for an hour. Make sure you hire a pair of flippers , it makes staying afloat a lot easier.

Hikkaduwa has quite a colourful night life. The shacks host parties every night. Some are good the rest aren’t . Take your pick. If you do go dancing and find your self hungry after, go to a Roti shop. Roti’s are flattened wheat dough fried with a meat stuffing. This goes very well with beer or after.

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