Getting to Hikkaduwa

This was certifiably the worst bus ride of my life. Sri Lanka is blessed with some of the best drive-by sceneries and a Government that dotes on every road that it ever built like an Indian parent his/her child. But somehow bus drivers consider it their birth right to drive around like as if they were in a video game on God Mode.After an hour into the ride, my stomach turned upside down and my patience had packed up and left. I started to device plans to flagrantly murder the bus driver. Drowning him in my bus ride induced vomit seemed like the most creative yet practical one at the point. But then I figured he’d be dead in a bit given the way he was driving. Why bother.
Well enough of that then and on to “how to get to Hikkaduwa”.
The painful thing about SL is that traveling from the hills to the beaches requires you to travel back to Colombo and then onward to the beaches. So here goes- From Dalhousie , pick up a bus to Horton(easily found) .From Horton, you may take the train to Colombo( 1:30PM), or simply catch a bus ( this will take you 3.5 – 4hrs , brace yourself). There are A/C buses available , small though. From Colombo, buses are available to Hikkaduwa and found in plenty.
DO NOT take the 7:30 PM train from Colombo to Hikkaduwa. This is a cargo train and takes 4hrs to cover what would other wise take 2hrs.

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