In Kandy

We stayed at the Majestic Tourist home in Kandy. You can make your bookings for Majestic and several other places in SL on Joseph runs the place along with his wife. The rooms are utility based , with single beds and a very clean bathroom. Joseph is a Malayalee who went to the Gulf and returned to Kandy to start Majestic and has been running the place for over 11 years. Verbose, to say the least , Joseph seems to have been around. If you are in SL for a short while , he will tell you exactly what to do and where to go. He will also help you out with your travel , but make sure you confirm the train timings with the railway station (to which the number is easily available), cause we experienced his lack of familiarity with the railways first hand.      

Head out to Kandy town for a dinner. You can walk it from Majestic. It should take you half an hour, but the walk along the lake is brilliant. Do not be distracted by the KFC you see as soon as you hit town. Hold on to your horses for another couple of feet and you will find “ The Pub”. A travellers watering hole , The Pub serves excellent alcohol , has large screens that play live sports and has a very friendly staff. You must try the Beef BBQ and the local arrack. Well, I didn’t really like it(the arrack), maybe because it was a little too fruity for my taste. Nonetheless, give it a shot.
The minute you step into Kandy , all you see are cars and workshops. There are more Toyotas here than you would ever find in California. There were brands that I still cannot identify. There were classics like the Minis , Austins, VWs and larger cars like the Range rovers. Joseph, who owns a beetle,tells me that there are large number of beetles here and their associated workshops. He tells me his beetle is in one such workshop , getting its starter motor bush replaced. He promises to take me the following morning. Joseph at first tells me about his Volkswagen. Either he wasn’t sure of what it was called , or assumed I wasn’t . Either way, he starts to describe the beetle to me. If you haven’t met me, then you do not know how much i loathe the beetle. When you do meet me, you will notice that i spend a good amount of time bitch slapping the car. Really , thats all i talk about. And Biryani. Anyway, the second i identified his little mystery car, i puked a little in my mouth.

 I can’t begin to list the foibles in this car , but this is not the appropriate space.                                                                 
I do not have a modicum of respect for the car, and hence, the sight a beetle , naked , prostrate , ripped to bits will be a fun sight. And so i tag along. The shop as promised had only beetles. Red, yellow , black , white, grey. Good lord , they were everywhere. It was as if Hitler’s littles spawns had taken over Kandy.


 This was easily the most disgusting sight of the trip, closely followed by the half masticated piece of beef in my friend’s vomit.
My trip to personal auto hell and back and a coffee later, we were off to Sigriya.

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