Sri Lanka- The Before

I am off to Sri Lanka in a few days. This post will be two part( this depending on how committed I am to completing the post) , part 1 the plan , part 2 the execution. Why do i want this to be two part? simply because more often than not what is planned for a trip is rarely what is done. The before and after will be fun examining .
I bought myself a Lonely Planet Sri Lanka a month or so back. The book recommends routes based on your interest. There is the ‘Classic route’ – which i chose to take, the one with all the temples and the one with all the wild life. The Classic route covers the essentials, but sort of leaves out the monasteries. Here is what the Classic route looks like. Colombo – Kandy- Galle- HikkaduwaThis route covers the hill stations and the beaches, but leaves out the national parks and the temples.Given that i will be traveling with a bunch of 25 year old men , the temples might be colossal waste of time. So, I altered the route to include Horton plains and Bentota. For those who want to visit the monasteries, try Anuradhapura.
We plan on heading straight to Kandy on arrival. While one should make it a point to walk to Adam’s peak, i will be unable to do so due to an unstable knee of a fellow traveler. I will make it a point to fill this space with all the information i can collect about the hike when i am there. Besides the Knuckle range treks( of which Adam’s Peak is a part of) there really is very little to do in Kandy ( to quickly remind the reader, this is being written before the trip has been made and all recomendations are based on the reading i have done). I have located a few pubs around Kandy town, we plan to spend time doing nothing in Kandy, not really the start I was hoping for. The next day is when we head out to Nuwara eliya. A sleepy colonial town south of Kandy. NE is known for the tea estates formerly run by the Brits. Again very little that can be done here. Although the tallest peak in SL is visible from here . You are not allowed to approach the peak because the army uses this as its communications base. NE is famous for its old world charm . Next we are off to Horton plains. The authorities allow you to walk through the forests to the “world’s end” . This is the Only hike that we have planned. This should be an event. I am looking forward to it.
From here we head out to Hikkaduwa ( how, i do not know yet). Acclaimed party capital of SL. This should be fun. There are tons of pictures all over the internet with clear blue waters and pretty women on the beach.More than enough reason I’d say to squeeze the place into the itinerary. We then continue to travel upward to Bentota in search of water sports. I am told the water sports happen here on an estuary. Jet skis , body boarding the works. Lonely Planet says non of the ‘rides’ are too expensive and one should have fun here no matter what.
While this is the travel plan, the accommodation hasn’t been charted too well. I have booked homestays in Kandy and Colombo through . The idea was to keep this trip cheap and stay under INR500 per day. gives you plenty of options on these lines. If you are looking for something a little more upscale try . But remember to be quick on this website, rooms disappear quicker than Indian governments.As for the rest of the trip, I am going to go ahead and take a chance, given that the places that fall in our budget bracket have no booking systems online in the other locations. Lonely Planet gives you a bunch of options with telephone numbers and addresses.
Now for the reason I travel – Food. I am told prawns are eaten for tea here. My kind of place. I promise to go ‘street’ on most of my meals and write all about it the minute I get chance.

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