The American Hand in the Indian Backside

We always knew the Americans to be an interfering lot. We have seen this in Korea, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan.
The following rant spews from the Indian edition of the Wikileaks.
As we speak the Indian parliamentary house erupts with rage, demanding that the Prime Minister step down given that he got there unlawfully. Now , I am not yet in a position to agree or disagree with the authenticity of the leak. I am sure the developments in the weeks to come will show us what really happened.
A specific post, and this one holds bearing with the title of this post, has Hillary Clinton questioning her Indian embassy on what Pranab Mikherji’s economic policies were, why Montek Singh was not chosen over him and what Anand Sharma’s relationship with Montek Singh Ahuluwalia was like.
It never is wrong to find out more about your colleagues , but what seems oddly discomforting, is the nature in which these questions have been posed. Think of it as some one visiting your facebook page and spending hours on it , trying to figure out who your friends are and what alliances you subscribe to. Maybe this seems marginally normal these days, or maybe I am not just yet as open about my life as one should be. What really bothers me is why this whole process seems like we need to consult the United States of America before we appoint our ministers. She goes on to ask what Mr, Sharma’s views on the WTO are and how he plans on conducting his first meeting with his counterparts.
I am assuming she received answers to most , if not all her queries, because if she didn’t , then i am sure at some point she would stop asking them!

In 2005, David Mulford, the then US ambassador to India, had some serious contributions to India’s stand on IAEA censure on Iran.India was on the verge of signing the Joint statement ,which would effectively separate the Civil and military nuclear functions , with the US. This was incidentally the same time that US was working its way through IAEA censure on Iran. Now India’s stand was clear. India depended largely on Teheran for oil supplies and natural gas. India would want to nothing that would stress their relationship with Teheran. Mr.Mulford writes to Condoleza Rice , asking her to recommend a change in the Indian stand on Iran and almost as if blackmailing India, threatened to refuse to sign the Joint agreement if India chose otherwise.
Next thing we know India voted against Iran in Vienna.

The look of consternation on PM Manmohan Singh’s face gives me no pleasure. These decisions made were certainly made with larger benefits in mind, but India needs to take a stand.

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