Just the dumbest professor I have met!

The class i sat for ( mind you i hadn’t signed up for this class) , was one of International business, or so he claims.
Before i start , I must tell let you know that my politics to me is what Christ is to the Pope.
Lets get back to the happenings to today then.
This professor, is from Bombay. Head of a reasonably good school in Bombay, and guest lecturing at mine. He starts his class off with the usual do’s and don’ts , to which he receives the standard tepid response, and then he starts off.

This was no lecture on International Business or how to conduct the same. It was a maudlin rant on how India was way behind China and how industrious the Japanese where. Where I study ,this is not new.
But here is when things get nasty for me.
“Manmohan Singh hasn’t heard about the decisions he has made until he reads the newspapers in the morning , just like you and me” – Strike one you bucket of Lard.

“S M Krishna can’t even bring himself pick up the right speech”- Strike two you tone deaf geyser.

” Sonia Gandhi is the biggest Crook ever known”- Strike THREE!

This went on for a really long time by the way, there was Ratan Tata , Reliance , the CPI so on. No one was spared.

Here are my retorts.

He says Manmohan SIngh has no handle on his decisions? What did Vajpayee do ? He was only a mere puppet in the hands of a sly Advani. Manmohan Singh is true statesman. India will any day will find an educated economist more representative of their abilities than a dreamy poet.

You say SM Krishna can’t bungled up a speech at an UN this year. Well, Listen to this- George Fernandes while in office, when at a school in Nagaland decided to thank the children for their hospitality. He says- ” You have been very kind to me, I will return to India and tell them all about what a lovely place this is.” That is all I have to say.

Sonia Gandhi is a smart politician, no doubt. She is charismatic and more Indian than most of the safron waving Rashtriya Swayam Sevaks claim to be. If Nitin Gadkari is under the impression that the country thinks that he belongs in heaven, think twice fat boy.

Easy to point fingers at the incumbent but then when was the last time the BJP enjoyed being the incumbent? I feel safer in a country run by smart crooks than in one run by  a sectarian government hopped up on populist propaganda.

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