Going the Distance- A movie review.

Who says I don’t watch romantic comedies? I ran out audio visual material and Moby Dick just did not look as attractive today. So i walked up to my room mate and picked up the least known movie to man kind. Turns out this one was called- Going the distance. Clearly i had.

You see, the movie starts off like a charm. Well not so much to most people. But to me , the male protagonist, a 25 something employee in a record label, is freaking splitting image of me. Certainly not the way we look. He is as confused about women want as I am. Anyway, he goes on to meet fun filled female protagonist, they very steadily fall in love and start to think about the “what next” bit. Here is the heart breaker. She is only a visitor to the city of New York( where he works for the record company) , and that she will have to return to San Fransisco in 6 weeks. Boo Hoo.

Well , yada yada yada.. they figure a way out and the movie closes with random humor.

Well, here is the good bit- Very Juno like humour( or an attempt at it). She is made out to be a very desirable  31 year old and the romance is not so mushy after all.


The Bad bit- At some point, all you want to do is wring the neck of the chap who made the movie and ask him to move on. Translation- Flattens out in between.


Dont watch it if your time is worth something.

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