The King’s Speech- A movie review

A prince who stutters. His brother, the heir to the throne, a philanderer and care free and then the speech therapist who never learnt to correct speech.

The movie revolves around something as simple and otherwise banal as a speech impediment. Well, certainly not any regular stutterer. This one is the Duke of York. After several failed attempts at having his speech impediment corrected, Prince Albert of Britain chances upon a somewhat unconventional therapist. Prince Albert is resistant at first , but then is convinced by what the therapist can do for.

What is absolutely wonderful about his movie, is how tormented the lives of the Royals are. The Prince narrates the story of how he was brought up almost entirely by a nanny who favoured his brother over him. So much so that he was not fed for days on end. Prince Albert is everyone of us who doubt ourselves. He stands for every apprehension we have had about an impending change. The average Joe.

Maybe i would be rather unfair if i said nothing about the therapist. He is infact a nobody. An Australian , he learns to fix people’s speech impediments during the time of war, when shell shocked soldiers returned speechless,literally. The therapist is absolutely unperturbed by the raucous the Prince causes on many an occasion,every time reminding him that  they were equals outside the palace. He unabashedly calls the prince Bertie( again much to the Prince’s annoyance) and for most of the movie makes him self to be the strong genius that he is.

Loved the movie. Stays in the collection.

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