India – Version 2.0



Early this morning, Varun Gandhi conducted himself in a fashion that has left even his staunch supporters is a state of disarray.

I would put my gardener on the podium and he would know that a flagrant disregard of a community is something that will not get him elected.

I understand that every political party has what they refer to as and agenda, a basic set of instruction which if staunchly followed will result in the systematic reduction of its population to plankton. But somehow, even the most retarded agenda would not estrange a vote bank as large as the Muslims. Not in India!


Varun Gandhi is a product of the London School of Economics. Crème de la Crème of the educated, the “Intellectual”, the “Thinker”. So much for all that drivel. There is always a pardon for the first error. I mean, I am the bigger person here, I forgive the first fall. But wait . This isn’t his first dive into a structured anhilation of his own campaign. He has , on a similar setting as was in Pilibhit, when he asked Gurdial Singh, a 70 yr  Sikh leader to leave the room . Communal filtering.

 Amongst your own.

The “other” Gandhi is contesting from Phillibhit on a political largesse from Mommy dearest, in exchange for which he has promised to run the “ ban on cow slaughter” campaign.


Watch out Gandhi, your campaign is at steak!





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